China's Insane Traffic Jam

If you were stuck in a traffic jam for 5 days, what would you do for food? Where would you go to the bathroom? What if 100 people cut in front of would you respond?

Malaysian Indian Metal Rocking Michael Jackson Loving Tiger Themed Music Video

If you were to make a music video, what theme would you have throughout your video? What story would your song tell? Who is one of your greatest influences?

The Greatest RC Car Chase Ever

Have you ever thought about why a lot of people think it would be cool to be chased by cops? Why do you think those people have a fascination about that? What's the draw?

How 3 Generations Had Fun As Kids

Which generation do you relate to the most? What is something you'd often do for fun? In this video, what are some things the younger generation is missing out on? How will it effect their future as parents?

Two Filipino Boys Perform Rooftops by JesusCulture

If you discovered a great talent given to you, what would you do with it? What is the biggest reason why you would do that?

Card Hit Wonder Mega Mix with Justin Flom

So as you watch this video, think about those junior high girls screaming in the background. Why do you think they are responding to the music the way they are?

Call Me Maybe with US Army in Afghanistan

In one minute, list off as many sacrifices as you can think of that the US military service-members make in their service to their country...